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Hey all,

I'm looking to write a piece on the progress that OS X has made comparing specific features...ever since Steve made his return and brought NeXT with him. I have versions of 10.2, 10.1, and 10.0 and I've recently acquired copies of the Public Beta and OS X Server 1.1...but I'm still looking for the DP builds. I also already have 3 Beta versions of Jaguar...just not the DPs.

Does anyone know where I can get copies of DP4, DP3, and DP2 (was there a DP1? If so..that too)? If you have copies of the CDs I'd gladly pay you for them (though my budget is limited) and would be willing to go for copies of the discs too--I'd pay media + shipping cost. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!

PS--Just so there's no confusion...if you have ANY unreleased build of OS X I would love to have a copy...the ones I've listed here (DP2, etc) are all PRE-10.0 but anything besides releases would be sweet.

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    DP 1 was rhapsody I believe....

    rhapsody was cool.

    kind of weird how drastically the requirements increased with each DP. rhapsody ran on such low powered hardware and ran fast and by DP 4 OS X was slow on even their newest hardware

    Jaguar of course is another beast now but still
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    Regardless of if they were released for the public or not, these builds are still the private property of Apple and the select developers that were allowed access to them. Many developers paid a great sum of money to have access to these builds. You are outright soliciting the piracy of them here and AppleInsider has a strict policy against such threads.

    Good luck finding them elsewhere.

    For what it's worth, you can still read ArsTechnica's reviews of some of the DP builds linked from the beginning of the old <a href="http://arstechnica.com/reviews/4q00/macosx-pb1/macos-x-beta-1.html"; target="_blank">Mac OS X Public Beta</a> article.
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