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Well, must be the most direct goodness stemming from MWSF. As a starter of one of the numerous threads on iBrowse, I'm happy to say they finally delivered. No wonder that there hasn't been word from microsoft for months. They knew.

Anyhow. The GUI of this app (I'm typing on it) could be much improved. I hate their gratuitous use of brushed metal here (AGAIN!). That's definitely not good for me. More along the line of Mail. I understand their minimalist setup, and that's more than cool, but the metal.... looks a bit like somebody's mockup of what a browser of apple would look like.

Anyway... reactions?


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    Safari so far has been real nice, all hour or so that i've had it...

    One thing though, the lack of tabbed browsers has me wondering if i'm going to be able to continue to use it.

    Chimera and Mozilla have spoiled me so.

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