Classic won't start up while i'm in Jaguar...

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a powerbook g3 (lombard) and when I start up classic, the main screen with the plug ins along the bottom comes up and the secong plug in for me, which shows a icon of a CD, (i'm thinkin it may be the dvd drive extension or something) comes on and starts blinking and a repeating beep sound starts and won't stop, thus preventing classic from starting up. Anyone have ideas? TIA


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    Try this.

    Reboot your computer in OS9. I assume you're running 9.2.2. If not, update it. If it won't boot into 9 at all, start up with shift key held down to disable extensions. Once in, use Extensions Manager to redefine active extensions set to 9.2.2 Base.

    Then restart in OSX and try your Classic again.

    If problems persist, try rebuilding disk with Disk Warrior, far more reliable than Norton. (see <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> for details).
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