WebObjects update?

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Anyone have any ideas about when or if WebObjects is going to get an update? A few years ago, this "application" seemed to be ahead of its time and more advanced than the rest of the Mac experience. It seems now that it hasn't gotten the sort of treatment the rest of Apple's software has.

Any insights?

EDIT: Whoops. This probably should be in Software...which is where I thought I was. Sorry.

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    WO was way ahead of its time, but it's currently in need of a fairly serious overhaul to catch up to the leading offerings. There are some things it's still better at, but the learning curve is still tall and steep, and there are still a number of things that are needlessly complex about it. <a href="http://www.workingmac.com"; target="_blank">workingmac.com</a> ran a good, multi-part series on the challenges facing WO.

    I imagine (hope?) that the silence around WO accompanies a serious re-evaluation and overhaul of the product.

    Moving to Software.
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