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Heya ppl. I recently installed Norton Personal Firewall 2.0 and it REALLY slowed me down.... So I just did a find on it and deleted all the folders. then i realzied that the extension was still there... My question is: Where is that extension located? I wanna take it out so i can maybe use Apple OS Firewall software in the future. It says that theres already firewall software active and that its gotta be turned off before I can use Apple's.

Thanks in advance....


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    Normally the whole Norton Internet Security software should be deleted by dragging to the trash. What do you mean with extensions in detail? I also have problems with NIS 2.0 running unter OS X 10.3.5. Need help for an error meassge appearing at the login screen. What OS do you use? macben (Germany)
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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member
    Does the installer also have the option to uninstall?

    And Norton is recognised worldwide as being a bunch of arse. They should put disclaimer on all thier products stating "This product does not work, and will most likely hose your system. Enjoy!"

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    No, there is no real uninstal program included. Uninstalling the NIS 2.0 by dragging to the trash is not enough in this case. There are still files left causing error messages.
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