streaming tv to iPhone!

in iPhone edited January 2014
I am new to this forum and was curious, has anyone here tried the 3click dot tv

I ask because I have fairly inconsistent 3G coverage in my area and am not usually able to use things like this because of it. They also stream to your pc/mac but I am mostly interested in it for the iPhone use. Any experience with this service? Pros or cons? I am very curious because the have complete seasons of more than 200 shows ad free..



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    I use it, and have for several months now. They probably have more TV available than iTunes itself. It does not work on 3G only wifi, but they tell you that up front. As far as I know they are the only ones out their streaming to iPhone, though I did read CBS is doing something now but I am sure it will be limited amounts of episodes (3click.TV is so cool because they have every season/episode from every show) and full of ads.

    I especially like it because you dont have to download any aps, just login search show/season/episode and they have progressive downloading so even if your on a slow connection you can pause the video until it has loaded but typically there is no buffering on most decent wifi connections. You can also fast forward or rewind pretty effortlessly.

    All in all they are the most impressive TV delivery system I have seen and if you have an iPhone, this is a must!
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