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I have a couple of iWeb sites up, which I've done on my iMac at home. They are all listed in the iWeb app on that Mac. I need to put up a new site, and will have more time to do it at work. Can I do it on my laptop at work? Will it conflict in any way with the sites I've built (and continue to update) from my iMac at home?

If that will work: once I've built it on my laptop, is there a way to transfer it to my iMac at home?

Many thanks.


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    You can build it on any other computer and upload it to your .me site. No conflicts.

    Getting it onto your OTHER Mac will take a little file-sharing though. I'm not sitting at a Mac so I'm not able to locate exactly where the files reside for you.
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    soundhoundsoundhound Posts: 134member
    Thanks! I'm using iWeb '09 on my iMac at home and iWeb '08 on my laptop (and can't change it, it's setup and run by the IT dept.). Any conflict/problem there?
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    unknown ... haven't got '09 at all here.
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