Playing PowerPoint on iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
You are idling on your iPhone. Engage in every subtle function. Follow the brilliant iTunes interface. Surf for your favorite sites on the Internet. And you begin to realize that iPhone is a really great piece of technology. But what else can it do for you? Well, as the iPhone is in fact really a mini computer, it can be used as an excellent little portable presentation machine.So how do you put your PowerPoint presentation onto iPhone?You can?t run a PowerPoint file directly on iPhone. Yet you can convert it to an appropriate format like MP4, a common video format for various mobile devices including the iPhone.

There are many converters available around the web such as PPTMovie. When you convert the PPT to a movie suitable for the iPhone you?ll need to resize it for the screen which is 480×320px, you willl also need to choose a compression setting to get optimum file size as storage on an iPhone is limited. Remember though, that higher compression will not only reduce file size but also quality, so choose with care. You?ll also have other options to choose from, such as how to control the movie, as well as various audio settings.Another option is the versatile PowerPoint to Video Converter from Moyea Software. This software ?enables users to publish and share video podcasts which alternate video clips with full-screen PowerPoint slides.? Displaying your iPhone presentation So your presentation is on your iPhone, which is great for close viewing, for one-to-one presentations and for practising while commuting, but as well as viewing it on the iPhone itself you can hook it up to a TV, monitor or projector. You just connect the appropriate Audio/Video connectors into the iPhone base dock. Exactly which cables you?ll need will depend on your playback equipment, but there are already many available.
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