our Apple experiences have been great !

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Ok, my rev a imac g5 20 inch had a power supply issue. So my wife, 1 year old son and I drove the 100 miles to apple store chicago(love that place) for a genius bar appointment last night. I told him the symptoms and after a quick analysis he agreed on the problem. He then repaired it free of charge even though my extended warranty had expired 20 months ago and the free repair time for these parts had expired back in December of 08. He said it was ok since there had been problems in the past with these parts . i should also mention that I had the mother board changed out for free a few years ago since it also had issues...

This is not the only good Apple repair experience we've had. Apple has been very good to us

BTW, we were so happy with apple that we bought a new 24in imac 2.9ghz 4gb ram!!!!

it is awesome YAY!!

selling the g5 imac so if anyone is interested pm me or reply here


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    Before I passed it to my son, I had a second hand eMac USB 2.0 from 2004, it came down with leaking capacitor issue and it had few months of AppleCare left, and they fixed for FREE. It was $650 repair for free. I just bought a 2009 Mac Mini three weeks ago, along with AppleCare. I can say that in my case Apple stands behind its product.
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