you know you love Apple when...

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Ok, some of you know me as someonenthat bashes Apple. Truth be told the OS is 2nd to none, zilch, nada, none. Should windows 7 come out and work like the new, unreleased mobile 6.5, it won't, maybe we'll revist, but for now, OS X rocks.

Anyway, I just read an article on that pitted a dell adamo vs an MacBook air. Believing that the air was always over priced, and partially the reason Apple will have a tough time releasing a netbook, (solved most likely by offering touch) and it's pricing vs current macbook and air, the air seems over priced. Is Apple getting ready for something? Some airs can be found for $999

Anyway, this thread is called, "You know you love Apple when..." and the when part was when I read the Dell pricing, about the same as a new air, $2000-$2400!!! Yikes.

The reason the yikes comes in, and the reason "love" comes in is due to the fact when I saw the pricing for the Dell and already thinking the air is over priced (even my Apple managers and Apple never miss a WWDC meeting friends agree, the pricing for the Air is wrong, most agree), is that as soon as I saw the pricing my first thought was, "but it runs Windows" so my friends, no matter how hip a device may appear, the only way msft wins with a product that looks as nice as the Adamo , which to me does not look that nice, but better than cheap plastic, would be if the os is win7 looks like mobile 6.5, and is cheap, but for the price as an air and not nearly as beautiful as the air, you know you're a fan when your first thought, even before reading the complete review is, "but it runs windows" and I think msft or their vendors can only win, if you can call it that, is if the device is 1/3 the price, but there's still a problem, it still runs windows.

Have a wonderful day all. Do something you fear each day, stretch, call a loved one, be kind to one another and never take your health for granted. And let's stick to facts when replying as it still runs windows. Coming from me, an Apple lover that does not like phony GPU or FPU benchmarks or benchmarks ommitted.



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    The Air is a boutique computer and so is the Adamo which means that they both carry the corrolary premium pricing.

    Apple products do come with a premium and yes I too love to rant and rave because who doesn't want to save money but the reality is the

    "Macs are twice as expensive as blah blah blah" are invariably missing the hard evidence. Hell I've even spouted off about how cheap a PC is only to go searching for what I thought would be easy data and only finding fringe cases of superlative PC deals.

    I just don't align with the "cookie cutter" PC ethos where everything is crammed into a computer without regard to design or integration because marketing has to have a bunch of bulleted items to check off.

    The only real beef I have is the Macbook and no FW. I'd love to get rid of the optical drive and gain the FW port back and another drive bay.

    Imagine a SSD boot drive and a SATA 750GB drive for your movies and what not? That's much more relevant to the how I see my future regarding media consumption.

    Last night I watched the new release Taken ripped to my hard drive. No DVD drive whirring in the background and instant access.
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    You take your new Mac out of the box and plug it in and it just works...
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    When you read forums like this and answer the best you can to make other people understand what you're experiencing. It's like you've eaten in this really good restaurant and you want to invite people to try it too.

    When you're waiting for Apple's next product.

    When you're answering Facebook questions if you're an Apple or Mac fan or when you're following Apple tweets.

    When you're desktop is an iMac, you're laptop is a MacBook and you're mobile is an iPhone and you have three iPods. (the black with video, the regular white one and the shuffle.
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