concern about getting a new mbp

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Oh, and I've heard that the current Macbook Pros overheat and freeze up when you're using them. So do I have to expect the one I'm going to get (it's likely that I might order it from the website's store in order to get the processor and faster hard drive upgrades.) to keep overheating and freezing up when I'm in the middle of playing a game/editing a photo and lose my work so I'll have to keep restarting and redoing my work/gameplay? I hope not. FYI, I'm going to get the 15-inch MBP, since this is more compact and lighter in weight than my current 17" HP Compaq Presario X6000 laptop, so I'm hoping they announce better MBP's at the expo. Fingers (and toes) crossed!

EDIT # 2 - Just now read a couple of reviews on the MBP, and they said nothing about the MBP overheating/freezing up or anything negative about their superdrives - I guess I misjudged the MBP (and I'm glad it was a mistake on my part) since I'm seriously planning on buying the 15" MBP next month.

Also, my current laptop is vey sluggish when I'm at a site on the internet and I advance to the next page at one of the forums I'm a member at, and it takes an awfully long time to download a page on these forms when I click on a link that was posted in response to my topic on these forums. Is my laptop clogged with malware, and will this happen with the mac if I only go on the internet while booted in OS X, but when I'm booted in Windows, I'll keep the internet connection shut off?

EDIT - and just now I read someone's post on this forum - he/she said the MBP's superdrives are niosy, read/burn DVD's/CD's slow, and in general the superdrive's not really that good. And I'm just going to play games on CD's play DVD movies, DVD slideshows, and burn DVD's - all single layer CD's DVD's; and I'm going to put Windows XP on this MBP in addition to OS X.
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