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Today from The Register:

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Extracted paragraph below...

"However Microsoft's acquisition of the patents has repercussions for not just the console business, but the future of the PC business, too. The question of who owns the platform was one of the fissures exposed during the Microsoft AntiTrust trial. According to memos released as part of the trial, and testimony from Intel VP Stephen McGeady (who's no longer with the company), The Beast won a showdown with Intel that obliged the 'Zilla to axe its NSP multimedia hardware project."

This is relevant for new hardware and also may be one reason we haven't seen the Apple eats SGI scenario that kormac proposed a few years ago.

This seems bad news to me if MS can now leverage this technology from XBox to desktops. I don't know what it is exactly but like the Register, I hope this makes the anti-trust judges look even harder at Microsoft than even before!!


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    The way I see it, it just means that MS is going to kill OpenGL in favor of their Direct3D.

    Eventually, they'll have to port Direct3D to other platforms, or, if they don't, the other platforms, including Mac OS X, will be using a standard nobody else uses anymore, and we'll be back to RAVE times again. Microsoft is not only a threat to your nerves, when you have to use their products, they are endangering the computer industry, and because of their security holes, are posing a threat to world economy. The judges better had them rip into 1000 little pieces, pieces small enough to be bought up by other companies again.


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    There's <a href=""; target="_blank">a thread about this</a> going already in General Discussion, and since OpenGL isn't future hardware, I'm directing further discussion there.

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