Spymac, are they XLR8 readers...??

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I just noticed a new rumor on Spymac (got to have a laugh some how!), posted at about 3.17pm...

To quote:

"And if you're disappointed by that news.. you may want to brace yourself. Only one source has come through with the following information, but he/she has been reliable in the past.

"...I did find out that on the 21st of this month, you can expect new G4s in speeds of 733, 900, and dual 1Gig... Drive configurations have not been confirmed yet""

Seem familiar? XLR8 your mac forum anyone...where they were posted 4 hours earlier (assuming they are on the same time zone...).

Spy mac, sources that 'have been reliable in the past'...hmmm.



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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    reliable in the past?

    what past does spymac have besides MWSF and not getting ANYTHING right
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Probably one of the many who mailed them after the iWalk thing and verbally kicked their balls for making such a obvious fake. Hey that even make me a reliable source.

    Confirmed: Spymac inhale rocket fuel.
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    nebrienebrie Posts: 483member
    Reliable... LOL

    They managed to get the 2 days to go countdown right 40 minutes before but other than that, they managed to get every single other thing completely wrong. Not only that, they seem to be copying a large chunk of their rumors from stuff going around message boards. This isn't the first rumor that they've done this. Absolutely pathetic...
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Got this from someone at macnn that sells macs-

    [quote] 1.2Ghz, 1.4Ghz, Dual 1.2Ghz. Next Monday or Tuesday. G4. That's all I have right now. <hr></blockquote>

    That falls inline with a few things I've seen lately.
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