send a new updated touch or send the money

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i have two 17 year old foreign exchange students (just wonderful) from finland and japan

i want to get them the new iTouch BUT they leave june 21 SOOOOOOO

i can buy here and send to their country when it does come or send them the money

i have no idea how much in taxes fees, or if a US itouch works the same in japan or finland

(e.g dvd has different formats for US and europe)

i don't know of the chances of new itouch will be on sale before june 21st


give them the money or when available send them the itouch

or can apple bought here in the US send to those countries

have any of you purchased at the apple store and sent to another country??



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    I started out thinking that was a spam post .... but then noticed you have too much history for that. (You could stand to invest in some punctuation. )


    There are not different models for different countries. One bought here will work elsewhere (reverse also true.) No format worries either. DVD regions will be handled by the computer they are ripped on... once converted to an iPod format, the region encoding is gone.

    You can ship one anywhere you want. Price varies by shipping service and destination.

    If you order from the US Apple Store, they won't ship internationally ... they'll tell you to order from the Apple Store for that country. (At least I ran into that problem buying a computer, I'm assuming the same policy will apply to iPods.)

    I'd doubt the iPods will get an update next month. If YOU are really concerned about that, check and see if iTunes Gift Cards are redeemable at the international stores. Give 'em a $300+ iTunes Gift Card to spend on the iPod of there choice... buy now or wait for a new model would be up to them.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    Thanks for your help

    I thought that the new touch would be announced this


    But as you say the gift card idea is great

    Can a US gift card work in different countries?

    That's what I have to figure out

    I'll try looking it up at the iTunes store
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