Zune HD official

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Here: http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/26/z...way-this-fall/

3.3-inch, 480 x 272 OLED capacitive touchscreen display, built-in HD Radio receiver, HD output.

I like the looks of it OK, obviously going for a more "industrial" "edgy" thing, which seems to be Microsoft's idea about all their consumer hardware.

I'm curious what an MS touch interface will look like. Just a touch version of the original Zune UI? A clone of Apple's, but "edgier"? A preview of WinMob 7?

Unless they can get some app mojo working, though, I don't see this as a strong competitor to the Touch. As always, it has some nice "features" that the iPod doesn't have (though OLED is no doubt coming-- if not in this next iteration then the one after), but it doesn't look to do too much more than the expected "me too" answer to the Touch-- which as this point probably won't do much more than delay the inevitable demise of the line.


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    May I guide you in this general direction?


    The automated slave did post a minute after you, though, and I think you are arguably in the more "correct" forum.
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    Thanks. Grrrrr........
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    However Microsoft stuggles, Zune is a scratched trick

    Apple is the genuine artwork

    Whay you think?
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