Delete OS 9 locked folders in OS X?

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Familiar problem, uniqe situation:

I have OS 9 folders that were recoverd in Retrospect in OS X. I got the file I wanted, and now I want to trash the folders the file was nested in. I cant remove them!

Some don't even show up in the termianl at all, even with the ls -a command, but they DO show up in the Finder.

Empty Trash (in Finder) won't work-"dont have permission".

" sudo rm -R foldername" won't work (this should delete the folder and all its contents, but fails)

I don't have OS 9 on the Mac anymore, so I can't go back to 9 and trash them...


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    This is a big problem.

    Using the Fix Permissions command in the Disk Utility app did not help.

    The folders that are in the trash can't be seen from the terminal at all.

    In theFinder, all my permissiona for the folders are correct (I am the owner).

    I did notice that in the Get Info box that it says the folders are locked, BUT it wont let me unlock them! The "locked" check box is greyed-out and inactive. even by unlocking the Get Info box as an admin, I can't uncheck the "locked" checkbox.

    In OS 9, I can't see the folders in the .trash folders.

    I have delt with permission problems before (who hasn't), but is insane.

    All my problems stem from restored folders from Retrospect 5 in OS X. The folders I am restoring were locked folders from OS 9 (using Retro 4.3 back then when the files were archived). Whe I restore the folder (and get what I need from the enclosing locked folders) I can't delete the folders. I can move them, change their names and even copy them, but I cant empty the trash from the Finder or the Terminal, even with the sudo command.

    I will doing a lot of this restoring in the future. I have just migrated my IT infrastructure off of Legacy OS 9 ASIP boxes and into OS X Server. But my users need me to recover old production files from tape on a regular basis, so I need a solution fast, otherwise I will have a trash can full of sh*t that can't be deleted!
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    what happens if you do a sudo rm -rf and drag the offending file into the terminal window?

    Maybe there's some kind of weird hidden directory thing happening or something that you don't know about...

    just a long shot
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