Multiple iPod Touches, one MBP? One iPod Touch, multiple MBPs?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hoping this'll be an easy, quicky for you gurus out there/in here!

I *have* an MBP an an iPod Touch living in harmony.

I'd like to buy mi esposa an iPod Touch right away and, someday, when budget allows, an MBP.

Question is, could I for now sync both her iPod Touch AND my iPod Touch with MY MBP (e.g., for syncing our 8 years of photos) and then, later, swap her iPod Touch over to her MBP?

[Reason I ask is, unhappy experience in the Windoze world with HP iPaqs which bound tightly with one and only one Windoze box which in turn bound with one and only one iPaq forever and ever world without end.]
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