Anyone herar the NPR "Apple Show" Today?

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NPR's show "Talk of the Nation" featured topic today was Ford Motor Co. and Apple. I missed the show. Can anyone give me a recap? Did anyone mention new Power Macs?




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    Try <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> They archive their audio files in 'Real Player.'

    I haven't heard it yet, but it's there.
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    glurxglurx Posts: 1,031member
    They talked with Henry Norr.
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    I only caught the last 5 min or so. All of the callers I heard were pro-mac. One of them explained how important Unix is to OS X, and why OS X is so stable because of Unix. But the announcer butted in and ripped on Apple, saying that contrary to the caller's experience, other people's Macs are not so stable. The announcer didn't understand that OS X is a new OS based on an entirely new kernel. Unfortunately, most listeners won't understand why OS X is so great either, not with that idiot announcer dismissing the stability of Unix systems.

    Anyone catch the first part of the show? I'm too lazy to go to and listen to it. \
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