Easiest way to turn Mac into a web server?

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Sometimes I need to host some large files - larger than MobileMe can reliably handle. So I think I'll need to set up my Mac as a web server. I need something stupidly easy to use, though. Maybe Transmit or Cyberduck? I'm not sure if iGet Mobile would work.

This looks interesting:


I know my way around router settings and Leopard's security settings, so that isn't a problem, but I don't have much experience beyond that.

MobileMe is great, but not for hosting files that are several gb in size.

To put it simply, I would like certain people to be able to access my Mac remotely in a limited manner (of my own setting) and be able to quickly grab large files.

Suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    MobileMe is great, but not for hosting files that are several gb in size.

    I would only host those kind of files with P2P protocols. Your upload rates will be too slow and there is the risk that a dropped connection via browser or system crash or wifi blip could force a restart.

    You'd just host your torrent files on your web host. It will verify all your uploads and allow you to resume where you left off. Plus you can make folders of downloads and people can pick which files they want even though you just have one torrent file - this feature depends on the app used for downloading.

    This forces people to download separate software to get the files but they'd have to do this for FTP too. You don't want people relying on the Finder for FTP downloads.

    Basically, you download Azureus or Transmission and follow the help guides to create a torrent of whatever file you want. Then put this file that is a few kb online. A downloader then downloads that file and drops it onto their torrent program and it then opens a connection between your machine and their's to transfer the file.

    They can set upload/download caps too so that their networks aren't being saturated.
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