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I currently have a HP notebook computer and always used Windows from 95 to Vista now. I've been looking to switch to a Mac and buy the 2.0Ghz aluminum Macbook.

I've been looking at info on the Macbook and it seems to be upgraded with new hardware or features all the time. My issue is if I buy one now, is there going to be another major update shortly. Is it best to wait for now? \



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    k515k515 Posts: 36member
    I'd say, Yes, wait until after the WWDC ends on June 12, and then check on Apple's website ( to see if Apple has newer and better computers. As for me, I was going to buy my first macbook pro earlier this month (May), but a buddy of mine who's a mac user advised me to wait until after the WWDC, and then check apple's website since they might announce a better computer on their website after the WWDC ends.

    But if you want to go quad core, you'll have to wait until October because I heard talk here at AppleInsider that there's going to be another expo in October when Apple comes out with the quad cores in their notebooks. Plus, Apple might come out with Snow Leopard preinstalled in their quad core notebooks in October after the expo, but during June's expo (June 8 - 12 2009), they're going to showcase Snow Leopard as a preview on the new operating system.
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    Here's a useful site that tracks the historical frequency of upgrades for each of Apple's hardware offerings and assigns buy recommendations for each item based on where it is in its typical upgrade cycle.

    For instance, it's been 230 days since the last MacBook update, and the average time between updates is 195 days, so now is not a good time to buy. A refresh is likely within the month.
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