Orange employee can "confirm" June iPhone launch

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I realise this is old news and we all know that an iPhone revision will be coming this summer but just for the sake of it I thought I'd post this.

Today I came across a twitter user (@kotaronoangel) who lives in Paris and claims to work for Orange, the carrier of choice for Apple in France (although no longer exclusively). Last Monday he sent several updates regarding a new iPhone coming later this year, writing that he was limited as to what he could say by contract and was only able to "confirm the new Iphone in june."

Yes, he may not really work for them, yes, he may be making this up, but I'm just wondering if this is even perhaps the first 'quasi-official' confirmation of a new model this summer from a carrier? Although, I'm guessing there must have been several other slips of the tongue by now.


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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    Unless its the CEO, I doubt this person really knows anything beyond what on the internet.
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    Wasn't I right?

    I'm doing an intership at Orange and i'm developing new products that's why they told me soome thing about the new iphone (but not everything)
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    3G[S] 16GB - 149 eur.

    3G[S] 32GB - 229 eur.

    3G 8GB = 3G 16GB = 99 eur!

    New phones will be available at Orange on 19th sharp. At other carriers - one week later.
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