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in iPhone edited January 2014
Would you like to be recognized as an expert and enhance your professional credentials? Or would being published online help you promote your professional or personal interests? If so, join the iPhoneCTO team and become an editor.

iPhoneCTO launched in 2008 and is quickly becoming the leading authority on iPhone in the enterprise. We cover the latest news, application reviews, tutorials and guides for business and enterprise users. Our visitors come from over 100 countries and include IT Administrators, CIO/CTOs, business users, and iPhone enthusiasts.

The needs and interests from our readers are varied, but share one common thread; they are either evaluating, have deployed or personally use iPhones in the workplace. Our readers need a credible and trustworthy resource and so do we. In order to continue to meet our commitment to being the leading resource for iPhone in the enterprise, we need your help.

iPhoneCTO needs editors to join our team to contribute in a variety of areas:

1. Write reviews of iPhone business and enterprise applications.

2. Develop tutorials and guides on configuring and managing iPhones in a business environment.

3. Build relationships with thought leaders and solicit content to be featured on iPhoneCTO.

4. Help promote iPhoneCTO through link exchanges, forum commenting, Social Media, and other Internet Marketing strategies.

Interested? Complete the form below and we will contact you accordingly. Please note that all positions with iPhoneCTO are voluntary, non-paid opportunities
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