USB Y cable for MBP

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As I'm buying my first MBP in 2 weeks and since it has only 2 usb slots on the left side, I'm wondering if I can buy a usb "Y" extension cable because I have both a USB joystick and a USB mouse that I'd like to use with this MBP, (I'm right-handed)? Besides, I keep my joystick and my Windows mouse (it's a Logitech mouseware 9.79 mouse that works on windows 95 - xp, and mac os x v10.1.2 - 10.2.6) and I plan to use this mouse in my new MBP both when I'm running OS X Leopard and also Windows, and I want to use the joystick when running windows games; I also want to keep both the mouse and the joystick plugged into the computer at all times (except when traveling with my MBP, or moving the MBP from one room in our house to another room). I want to keep one of the MBP's 2 usb slots free, so this is why I'm asking about a Y cable in the first place. Does such a cable exist, and where do I get one? Also, how much does it cost?

Will my mouse work in Leopard?


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    Such a cable does not exist.

    What you want is a USB "Hub"... you can't just split one USB port into 2... you have to have a bit of silicon involved.
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    CompUSA sells USB hubs with a two foot cable. The ad below shows a 4 Port Hub. I've seen their ad for a 2 port hub; however, I think the 4 Port would be a better choice.

    Ultra USB 2.0 2-ft 4 Port Hub

    Ultra ULT40280 USB Hub - 4-Port, USB 2.0, 2-ft

    Only $14.98
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    Well we don't have a CompUSA store in our area, we do have an Office Depot in our area. I found this at Office Depot's website, a Targus 4-port Ultra Mini USB hub (please see the link)

    I'm pretty sure I have this on my Dell Dimension 8200 PC (when the computer's turned on the blue lights on this hub glow blue), and I've had consistently excellent results with this hub. Plus, it works all the way from Windows 98SE to XP, and with Mac OS X, and it costs only $20.

    What do you guys think?
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