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anybody else download the Photoshop AltiVecCore update? or the 7.0.1 update? and running OS X? anything feel different, or better? or did anything go wrong?

i DL'd it earlier, but didn't work in PS til now. seems a bit snappier in the File Browser. have yet to try any filters or anything.

i think one thing's for sure, tho. on a QS Dual 1Ghz w/ 1.5GB RAM in OS X, Photoshop would beachball a little when i switched into it, from other apps, like Dreamweaver. (and i've always got mail, address book, ical, safari, itunes and omnioutliner running.) with the 7.0.1 + AltiVecCore update, no more beach ball.

(ehhh, should this go into Software? heh.)

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    Oh god, the dreaded beachball-when-switching-apps bug. I have HATED that about PS7. I have been hesitant to add this update, but if it fixes this problem, then I'm off to get it right now!

    Oh yeah, and moving to Software...
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