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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I got very OCD over the weekend and started on the task of organizing my 500+ contacts into groups. I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a view in Address Book for just showing contacts that aren't assigned a group, at least as far as I can tell. Is there a way to do that? Otherwise, I find myself re-assigning contacts because I can't remember if I had assigned them before.

If it can't be done in address book, is there a good application that will do the trick for me? I'm playing with the beta for Now X, and I'm underwhelmed at the moment.




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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Create a Smart Group with "Card" "is not a member of" "any group" criteria.
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    crimguycrimguy Posts: 118member
    Thx. Did the trick.
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