What the hell? Still no headphone adapter for Shuffle 3.0!!!

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How long has it been since it's been released?

Once again...

1) I HATE Apple standard headphones, as they don't sound good to my ears, don't block out the noisy environment and don't stay in very well.

2) I don't want the Apple in-ears because I don't want a mile of headphone cable, and wrapping up the cable makes the cable heavier, pulling on the buds. I prefer short cable buds that wrap around the back of the neck.

3) I LOVE my Sony EX-300 headphones. I don't want to spend another $50 on headphones for a $80 device when I already have a pair I love.


Waiting for a goddamn headphone adapter, preferably about 3 inches long.

What is taking Apple and 3rd parties so long to release a simple adapter? Or is the promise of adapters just vaporware to dupe people into buying the Shuffle as is, with the expectation that it'll work correctly soon enough?


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    I hate it when Apple does this.

    They release something new with a proprietary/eccentric/specialized port/peripheral, while talking up adapters to come that will make it easy to use with your existing/third party stuff.

    Then they just cool their damn heels. It seems so unnecessary. Surly the bits of wire and plastic that make up adapters are easy enough to engineer and manufacture? You'd think they could get this stuff out the door simultaneously with the hardware that needs it, making such hardware all the more desirable, but apparently they don't think it's very important.
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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    I will not buy an iPod that does not have controls on the device. Would it be so hard to put the three buttons on the unit itself, along with a hold button? Oh wait, I'm one of the only people who won't buy an iPod because it does not include a radio. Never mind.
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