Does anyone have unneeded older versions of Toast?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
As the title says, I'm looking to use toast 7.1 or higher on my netbook, for various reasons. The biggest one stems from the fact that it does not have a CD drive, which makes it nearly impossible to play most older games on it, which is basically all it can play. Back when I had an iMac G4, I would backup my games to the hard drive and use toast's awesome "Mount as CD" feature to get around CD checks, but toast 6 doesn't run properly on Intel chipsets. My money is tight, and Roxio won't let me use the upgrade price from 6-10, which basically condemns me to either not gaming on my netbook (not gonna happen :P) or using noCD patches, which unfortunately don't appear to be available for the games I'm trying to play. Long story short, if anyone has a 7.1 or later key that they aren't using, could they PM it to me? I can take care of getting the necessary application, it's available on Roxio's site.

Thanks for bearing with me,

Alex McKee -atm153
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