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I'm very close to getting an iPhone (waiting on Monday's annoucements), and if I decide to go for it I'm aware that trying to buy an iPhone from AT&T can sometimes not be the easiest thing (my experience with people selling cell phones and plans hasn't been the greatest).

I just would like to know if anyone has any tips when dealing with AT&T reps when getting the iPhone. Things to avoid, things to ask about, things they may try to push on you that you don't need etc. I'm very savy when it comes to computers and purchasing them, I would just like a little help so when I go get my iPhone I'm not totally in the dark.

Thanks guy.

And if there is a thread about this already, my apologizes for posting a second one.


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    If you live near one, go to an Apple Store instead of an AT&T store. Got my 3G at an AppleStore and it was flawless (granted 2 months after launch, had to wait for my contract to expire). If you do go to an AT&T store, make sure it is a corporately owned store. Actually, the Corporate stores get the phones first, so that may be determined for you automatically.

    You can buy AppleCare later, if you decide you really want it.

    According to a co-worker, AT&T has their own insurance coverage that includes AppleCare and some replacement benefits. I am going to be looking into that this weekend.

    Oh, and if you are going to be there on the day it's released, get their early. Like the night before
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