KFLab released "iMotors - Quattro Ruote". After 3 days it is in top 20!

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Hi everyone,

I am one of the member team of KFLab Staff and I would like to talk you fast about our new application iMotors - Quattro Ruote.

This is not only a car list with detailed informations and photos, but there are news and rumors, there is a community around it, in fact people can write their review about the cars and so soon the people will comment the news too!

"Our mission is to offer a news service about world?s cars! Thanks to our database containing almost all the major car manufacturers in the world, we aim to create a community around our application, in this way you and all the four-wheels lovers will have an handy pocket buying guide."

That is what we commonly say but we would like to tell you that in three days in Italy we raised the top 20 (in the top 100 paid apps) and we are still growing up!

Here's the link where you can find screenshots, video and more informations about the application. We hope so much that you will appreciate the app like a lot of people already do but we most appreciate your critics and comments!


KFLab Staff.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,208moderator
    That's a pretty good idea for an app. What would be a nice addition is if you could link it in somehow with Haynes manuals. I think mechanics would love something like that - they could just have an ipod touch and there would be a digital reference guide to fixing a certain part.

    I think Haynes are quite protective over their stuff though so there would have to be encrypted in-app purchases or even just have something that streams down the required section of the manual in an encrypted form.
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