Newbie Saying Hello

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Hello my name is Todd and I live in Florida the reason for my visit to your site today is well because I need help, like most people these days

I`m having a hard time paying my bills and might lose my house and car soon. Normally I wouldnt ask for help but I`m working two jobs already and

it just isnt enough. My solution was to find a way to make some extra money by using the internet so I set up a youtube video of me pleading for help

and I posted it on a website located here

Now what I have done is to setup a link on my site where as for everytime someone comes to my site and clicks on the link they are taken to a advertisers

page, the advertisers are basically free surveys , submit your email address, zipcodes, join a dating site, get a insurance quote , just free stuff that wouldnt

cost you any money but if you filled them out the advertisers would pay me about 50 cents too $2 at the most.

This doesnt sound like much money but I would be happy with making an extra $100 per month that will make it so we are still surviving but it would help.

so if you see this post and you feel like helping me out please I really need it, to see that im a real person I put up a video of myself.

Please take five minutes of your busy day or evening and help me out, Thanks and please visit
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