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Some of you may have seen my earlier post regarding wanting to move Mac OS X to my bigger partition because I am running out of room on the current partition that Mac OS X is on. Will Carbon Copy Cloner do fine to copy Mac OS X or would I be better off doing a complete re-install? I think that I know what reply I am going to get, however, I just want to be sure before I drag out those installer CDs. Plus I hate the idea of having to install drivers for keyboard, and re-installing system preferences panes like Default Folder, Key Xing, Labels X, APE Manager.


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    Carbon Copy Cloner should do an excellent job - if not, you can always wipe your new drive and try again!

    I have had some issues with CCC, but overall it works very well...
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I've been able to use the program once and it worked perfectly. I've never used it for anything complicated like synchronization or anything. Give it a try. It's shareware that's fully functional even if you don't pay. (But you should because it's a kick ass program.)
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    I use CCC to back-up a fully functional system on a monthly basis. Quite a piece of software, esp. for free.

    Syncing works very well too, in my experience.

    Definitely worth using and worth a donation. It's almost too good for freeware. ; )
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