Mosaica - 3D Multitouch Panorama Maker

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I don't know if this is the place for this, but I've been working on an app for 6 months and I really think you'll like it. Here are 3 free redeem codes you can have (itunes, then redeem).




Mosaica is an iPhone app that allows you to create 3D mosaics (which are similar to panoramas) on your iPhone and share them with others.

Mosaics are made by taking overlapping pictures of an interesting scene, which are processed by Mosaica, and related to one another automatically on your phone (no internet connection required).

You can upload your mosaic to the Mosaica service where you can share it with friends and family. Your mosaic is also hosted at our community site where an Adobe Flash version is available.


-Automatic stitching of photos

-Photos taken in any orientation or order

-Fast processing (in background while taking photos)

-No computer or internet connection required

-Explore mosaics posted by others

-Works with 50+ photos

-Intuitive Multitouch interface

-Share with friends on (flash version)

-See your results as you go, add more photos at any time

Automated blending coming soon.

Usage videos

Mosaic Viewing Overview (1:33)

Mosaic Making Overview (1:33)

(Extended) Mosaic Making Overview (3:23)
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