Is there a problem with ISO 9660 ?

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I'm trying to create an image from ISO 9660 CD (VCD).

Here is the disk copy log:

2003/02/04 11:14:33 Imaging "VideoCD1" into "VideoCD1.cdr"...

2003/02/04 11:14:33 Creating temporary image file...

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Volume "VideoCD1" appeared at "/private/tmp/ImgVolpXNEkI" (/dev/disk2s2).

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Permissions enabled.

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Copying contents of "VideoCD1" to "/private/tmp/ImgVolpXNEkI"...

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Copy agent encountered an error (5) copying "AVSEQ01.DAT". (Input/output error)

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Copy elapsed time: 0.301s

2003/02/04 11:14:35 Copy agent failed to finish copying contents of "VideoCD1".

2003/02/04 11:14:36 Image Volume operation failed with error 999 (internal error).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot



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    i have the same problem. it seems osx doesn't support iso 9660
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    of course vlc reads the vcds just fine!
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    I didn't think MacOS X supported the VCD format. That's why MacVCD is there.

    VLC can read the streams (like in a DVD), but they don't read these discs normally. For instance, you don't get a DVD menu with VLC.

    I haven't gotten any luck trying to read VCDs on the OSX, outside of MacVCD. Now, why Toast can make VCDs (and with VCDBuilder, SVCDs, that beats the crap outta me.
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    What difference should it make for disk copy, whether is VCD or bunch of word docs..?

    Since i'm trying do that using CD/DVD master, it should make an image anyway, so ISO format must be a problem here, and not the content...

    But then again, if OS X doesn't support it, how come you can mount it and read it?


    **An update, i just tried to copy it on disc duplicator, and no luck as well, ???, defective CD???, plays ok though in VLC.. ***

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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    can you just drag all the contents out of the CD and copy to HD then recopy to a blank cd?
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