Trying to preorder 3gs Error Message

in iPhone edited January 2014
Anyone getting this message? it says error in processing.

I am eligible for a full upgrade and my acct is paid in full.

I went into the apple store and some clown said the Iphone 3gs is not for preorder until next Friday? Huh??


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    I got a couple errors earlier in the day. One was just a straight up error, then the other one said it could not connect and if you hit continue it would skip a couple steps and ask you which phone you wanted to reserve, but would glitch out on the location of the apple store you wanted to reserve at, however it never asks you and the little box to enter a store location does not work. I had to wait until this evening and it worked first try.

    Also, the workers there will tell you anything because they are very busy, and I was even told they are booked for pre-orders for the 19th, and I should go to a different apple store, or preorder for the 20th. That is just a way to get you to go somewhere else or come back another day because the workers know you will buy one anyway, and they don't want to have to work their asses off... They are very busy, at least when I was there last time.
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    I think earlier today, the servers were just swamped... causing connection issues with https.

    I kept getting dropped connections due to "could not connect securely to server" or something like that.

    Later in the evening it worked just fine.
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