Mint 8GB iPhone First-Gen for sale...

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I just went ahead and took the jump and bought myself an iPhone 3GS (the 32GB white one!). In preparing for that one, I have discovered I have no need for my original iPhone or all the accessories.

The phone has stayed in the case for its entire life and is relatively new (replaced on AppleCare three months ago). I'm looking to sell it to someone for $340 unlocked with all original accessories in original box (NEW headset, dock, charging cable, power brick, box) along with two cases (iSkin Revo Red and Griffin iClear Polycarbonate) and an armband. The Griffin case is somewhat scratched up, but the phone can be dropped on a significantly hard surface in it without damage.

I have it up on eBay for anyone to look at the pics, but feel free to PM me and make me an offer. I can provide more pictures upon request (and if you decide to buy the phone, I will definitely send a picture with my name, etc. to verify I'm not some scammer - I just had to deal with that this morning on eBay with a guy from "Nigeria in China")

The phone has almost no scratches (only one small dot on the back, the screen and front of phone is in perfect condition).

I'll send it locked or unlocked or just jailbroken on 2.2.1. Up to you, just let me know.

eBay link:


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    Or they could PM me and get my 1st gen iPhone in excellent condition for considerably less than $340 !!

    (But I won't deliver until the 3Gs is available in stores!)
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    btr94btr94 Posts: 2member
    I thought I had said the price was negotiable. And it comes in the box with all the original accessories plus $80 more. Let me know. Or bid on eBay...
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