upgraded firmware... I think I wiped phone... wife's pissed...

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ok- so I plugged in my wife's phone to upgrade it to 3.0 and did the restore. I did not sync as I thought that would mess it up- make her phone linked to my computer... yeah... OS 3.0 loaded, and I have no backup of her photos, notes,etc.

Am I toast? Or is there some hidden automatic backup that I can restore form here? I swear I have updated her phone's firmware before on my laptop and not had it do this... anyone? Please?


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    well... if you already have 3.0 available, then you must be an Apple approved developer... so you should know how to fix this.

    Didn't they say 3.0 would be available on the 17th???
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    iansilviansilv Posts: 283member
    Nope- not a developer... wishing I was one. I grabbed the gold master off of a forum today. Its really cool- spotlight search is my favorite.

    Do you know of a way to restore her pics and what not?
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Dude, I hope your couch is comfortable.
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    iansilviansilv Posts: 283member

    I'm SOL aren't I?
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    I upgraded last night...

    * Plugged in my iPhone and let it back up.

    * Clicked the restore button and selected the 3.0 file.

    * Then I kicked back and waited. The phone rebooted one or two times.

    * Finally iTunes recognized the updated phone and asked if I wanted to restore from the backup I made in step one. I answered in the affirmative and it put all my settings back on top of the 3.0 OS.

    Don't know if it helps, but I think that the above is the proper procedure for those too impatient for the official release.
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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    You should turn this around on her. Tell her that she was irresponsible for not syncing her phone more often and she should have realize that her phone could have died, been lost, gotten corrupted, dropped, etc at any point in time. Her irresponsibleness is the true cause and she should take inventory of her life in order to help correct that.

    Additionally, explain to her that from now on you'll help see to it that she remembers to be more conscientious in backing up her data by:

    A) offering to sync her phone once a week. If she feels uncomfortable with you touching her phone again, you should say that it's for her own good - or just remind her once a week

    B) Buying a backup hard drive for her computer because she obviously doesn't have that either

    C) Buying her a membership to MobileMe so that she can backup most of her stuff to the web, and automatically sync contacts, calendars, and emails wirelessly.

    D) and finally, explain that she should be lucky to even have an iPhone because not everyone does
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