Upgrading Family Plan - A Loophole?

in iPhone edited January 2014
So my mom and I are on a family plan.

I have the iPhone 3g, she has no iphone.

I am not eligible for an upgrade till the end of July, she is right now

I want the 3Gs, she just wants my iPhone 3G

Is there anyway I could use her eligibility to upgrade myself to a 3Gs and then give her my 3G?


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    bavlondon2bavlondon2 Posts: 694member
    Don't see why not.
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    Was considering something similar myself, but after checking ATT's site, it seems that all current Family Talk plans limit one iPhone per household.

    ATT's plans are numerous and unnecessarily complicated. ATT seems intent on gouging every nickel. On the other hand Verizon's minimum data plan is $69.99 too, so (if Apple goes with Verizon) there probably wouldn't be much real monetary savings there, even though Verizon's network is by all accounts superior right now.

    I use ATT for internet access and although their tech support is good their customer service is abysmal. Until the economy improves my bottom line is affordability and I am stuck. I could swallow their data line pricing scheme, if they would bundle in internet service, but here their bundles require you pay for Satellite TV and a land line. \ So, no iPhone for me till ATT's monthly rates are reasonable.
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