Time Capsule (7.4.1) unable to connect to Windows/Appletalk network

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I recently upgrade my Airport Extreme to a Time Capsule (newest model.) I am unable to connect to my Windows network via a Wireless connection. If I connect my Mac (or any of the others on my network) via Ethernet, the Windows Workgroup/Network appears and is accessible. If I try and connect via the wireless connection, however, none of my Windows computers are viewable.

I named my workgroup in the "file sharing" section of the Airport setup utility. Is there something else I should be doing?

I am also unable to print wirelessly to any printers on my Appletalk network that are connected via ethernet. I enable Appletalk on the Airport connection. When I do, however, there are no printers appearing in the Appletalk zone.

I've seen some older posts that report the same issues, but most of those say they have been resolved by rolling the firmware back to 7.3.2. This is the newest TC, though, and will only allow me to roll back to 7.4. I tried that, but it did not work.

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