Helper Configuration

in macOS edited January 2014
We really need a centralized way to configure file helpers in Mac OS X. Currently one can only do this within IE. There is no way to configure helpers in Safari for example.

This causes problems for web integration with programs like Quicken, which relies on the browser for downloading online transactions. The resulting file needs to have a certain Type and Creator. Otherwise it won't open in Quicken.

On the same note, I just don't understand why applications on the Mac are so inflexible about file types: it is infuriating how apps require that files absolutely have to proper Type and/or Creator metadata before they will even consider opening them. I need a dedicated app like BBEdit to open a simple ASCII text file with no Type metadata assignment.. how stupid is that?!! Especially when TextEdit would perfectly be able to open it, if it didn't refuse to look at it. Tyranny of rigid UI design principles


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