should I wait or upgrade

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Can someone please help me.

I am kind of angry at AT & T. I currently have an att tilt and I was eligible for a full upgrade just two weeks ago on the iphone 3g. It had stated that I had to wait till 9/27/09 on the website, but the customer service reps confirmed the 199.99 / 299.99 price online.

However I decided to reserve a 3GS and waited. Much to my surprise, I was now being charged a higher price. I called the att reps and they stated that they APOLOGIZE, but I had been given incorrect information. I was indeed able to upgrade, but until 9/27/09 it would be an "early upgrade" discount. This meant that I would have to pay and extra $200,00 to upgrade even though my two years was up within three months. They acknowledged that they had quoted me the full upgrade price, but stated that the rep who did was incorrect and they apologize.

Any suggestions? I am not upgrading from an Iphone to a newer one. I am upgrading from an att tilt. I have had three lines with att for almost 15 years and they still refuse to budge :-(

Should I wait until sept 27th or just bite the bullet and pay the extra $ for an "early upgrade?"



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    Like it or not, AT&T paid a substantial amount of money to subsidize your current phone. I wants to recoup its investment in your equipment. You want AT&T to pay another princely sum to subsidize a new phone before it recoups its investment in the old one. If you want to do this, then you should expect to pay. That is just the way it is.
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