Best Buy to offer Apple's iPhone 3G S with insurance



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    cameronjcameronj Posts: 2,357member
    Originally Posted by tekneeq53 View Post

    That is why i tell everyone, buy an ottorbox case!!! most durable case i have had. I have dropped it on concrete and the phone worked just fine.

    I've dropped my completely unprotected iPhone on concrete a handful of times as well. Nary a scratch and of course the phone works fine.
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    zinfellazinfella Posts: 877member
    Okay, VISA said since I have cell phone coverage on my CC, that I'm covered for loss by damage or theft, for the length of the AT&T contract. So, who needs Apple Care, or BB coverage?
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    netbacknetback Posts: 4member
    I don't know if you have ever gone to a Best Buy and bought say a HDMI cable. You are paying $60 for the same thing that you can get under $10 online. They provide the service of one stop shopping, unlike most of us, people just want to go get their phone, have it working and get insurance for it. They will also buy a over priced case, which still wont help when they are cleaning the toilet and feeling the need to tweet about it at the same time...
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    Originally Posted by casinoman59 View Post

    Here is a link for insurance that might be of interest.

    I would NOT recommend Compcoach. I feel like an idiot for having signed up with such unorganized dishonest company that sends out poorly refurbished phones. They have several alias poorly functioning websites, one is registered via PROXY per a whois search. ( Unbelievably horrible... virtually non-existent customer service once you actually become a customer. Use anybody but them.
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