Jobs MOVED ON long before he even WENT....

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What...Jobs and Apple DECEITFUL?...What the same Jobs and Apple that have an incomparable renown history so full of the traits left by deception they have their very own entry in the definitions of the word DECEIT itself? Naahh its just the opposite in bad luck of winning the lottery that their history is so chequered with traits so commonly found with active deceit when the fact is for each occurrence those traits were the result of something else ENTIRELY!

... and note i have not accused Apple/Jobs of lying because there is no evidence of that



Apple?s often contradictory and opaque handling of Jobs? health issues finally forced journalists to do real reporting. Some of them actually read last week?s Apple Q-10 filing with the SEC, instead of just reprinting the company?s press release. Their big discovery? Apple had paid Jobs nothing in the first quarter of 2009 for use of his Gulfsteam V jet and only $4,000 for corporate travel on the plane in the last quarter of 2008. Compare that to $891,000 the firm paid him for the jet in Apple?s last corporate year. Business reporters took this to be an indication of how complete the leave of absence was and how uninvolved Jobs was with the company during the quarter.

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