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Hey I'm trying to get get music I downloaded off a web site into my iTunes. I have a folder there I want to put them in. Can somesome please walk me through on how to do this?

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    Sorry for the double post but where can I find the PrtScn button for my Mac?

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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Open iTunes, then go to the File menu, then Import. It will ask you to point it at the folder with the files in it. Voila.

    PrtScn? You're not a recent Switcher by any chance are you?

    No such button, sorry. You can print (just about) any window by using the Print command in the File menu of (just about) every application you'll ever run. If you want to print the *entire screen* (although why you'd want to do that is beyond me), use the Grab application in /Applications/Utilities. It's a screengrab utility that is extremely flexible, and it does whole-screen grabs as part of its toolkit. You can then print the resultant picture.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    iToons? Would that be the simple to use cartoon maker? Burn to a DVD, add music from iTunes?
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    Yeah, just seen the little mistake...*scracthes head*Fran441. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> I think I worded that wrong. As you can tell I'm a new switcher and I want to take a screen shot of my desk top, I was told the PrtScn could do that. Oh and thanks for the info on iTunes Kickaha! Ps. How to I get that import sign? I been messing around and could only get Burn, Browes and Refresh.

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Here are a few screenshot commands you can use in any application:

    shift-apple (aka, command key)-3 takes a full screenshot and saves .pdf file to the desktop. You can use the Preview application to open it and export it to about 10 other formats like .jpeg and .tiff.

    shift-apple-4 will turn the pointer into a crosshair. Click and drag the crosshair and the enclosed area will be saved as a .pdf.

    shift-apple-4 then spacebar will change that crosshair to a camera and it will capture any window (or the menubar, the Dock, etc.) and save it to the desktop as a .pdf.

    The import sign shows up when you pop in a music CD. iTunes will recognize the CD, look up the track listing (it contacts CDDB via the internet) if you set it to in the preferences, and will show the tracks with all of them checked and ready to be imported.

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    I did not know the trick with Apple Shift 4 then space bar, but then again, that is because I have used <a href=""; target="_blank">Snapz Pro</a> since probably about OS 7.6, maybe earlier.
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    Kickaha, Oh I see now. Ok I misread it. Ok here's my new problem. Anytime I download a song, I get a small new window on my desttop, it looks like a small Quick Time window. It just shows a bar for the music and the buttons to control it. Anyway when I have that current window open I go up to file and click save as but I don't know how to save it the right way for any other time I save it into the desktop in a quick time formate it tells me a error has happened and cannot be read.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    [quote]Originally posted by Reality:

    <strong>Kickaha, Oh I see now. Ok I misread it. Ok here's my new problem. Anytime I download a song, I get a small new window on my desttop, it looks like a small Quick Time window.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Sounds like it is a Quicktime window. You have to either drop that file into iTunes, or you have to set iTunes as your default application for this type of file. There are two ways to make iTunes the default app:

    1. IIRC, iTunes will ask you the first time you start it whether you want it be the default player for music files. I think you can also set this in iTunes' preferences.

    2. You can select the file and Get Info on it (apple-i) while in the Finder. In that Info window, you can set the application which opens it in one of the panes. The pane will present a pop-up with any app that can open that type of file. Select iTunes, then push the button that says (I'm paraphrasing, away from my Mac), "Change All" in that pane to change the default application for any file you have of that type.
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    I don't know why I didn't think if this before but here's a screen shot of what it looks like on my screen. I tried droping it but it wouldn't work. Do you still suggest I turn iTunes into the default app? <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; I still want to save movies and things off the net also and those are in Quick Time also. In the pic you see a quick time movie and beside that is a that song I was talking about before.
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    I'm locked out of the site, it tells me it's members only area.

    What type of file is it? In other words, What's the file extension?

    Changing the default app for one type of file to iTunes won't change other types of files. So movies and stuff will still use QT player by default unless you change them too.
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    Sorry about that. Try this.

    <a href="*Q5ALVOQJ!9uVGZfts8ceN15!EYQnQmkvFanU jqrCK98cZJdCT*c1501wprWlmnzo9BKYYFvarN03FzxP4SFJEa rGaIsAFbBfzCut7OXg5GkjWc2AW5F/Picture-1.jpg?dc=4675409219825324174" target="_blank">*Q5ALVOQJ!9uVGZfts8ceN15!EYQnQmkvFanU jqrCK98cZJdCT*c1501wprWlmnzo9BKYYFvarN03FzxP4SFJEa rGaIsAFbBfzCut7OXg5GkjWc2AW5F/Picture-1.jpg?dc=4675409219825324174</a>

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