Second unlocked iPhone as backup and overseas use

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have had an iPhone 3G for almost a year. This entire past year, when traveling, I have had to use my old GSM phone, which is not locked and accepts foreign SIM cards. Otherwise, to roam on my iPhone 3G overseas incurs EXTRAORDINARILY high costs for calling and data. This is a real problem.

If I upgrade to the iPhone 3G S, can i keep my current iPhone 3G and unlock it? How will this work with syncing on iTunes and MobileMe?

These are highly important questions for many users.

Also, in the past, I have always had a backup phone in case my primary phone is lost, stolen, broken, etc... I would like to have 2 iPhones for the same reason. Ideally, I would have a primary iPhone 3G S, I suppose, which I assume would be locked, and a second iPhone 3G, which would act as backup and for use overseas. Also, ideally, both would be connected to MobileMe, iTunes, etc....

Can anyone describe the Apple/AT&T policies and the real world choices available?

Thanks much.

James Linen
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