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On Apple's page describing the Snow Leopard Up-To-Date Program (which, considering Snow Leopard is over 3 months out, is a very generous $9.95 upgrade cost for any Mac purchased on or after June 8), there is also this:


Please check back on June 16, 2009, for additional information.

Any thoughts as to what they might be alluding to? That's tomorrow, which is a Tuesday, which is Apple's favorite day for product announcements, but I can't imagine they'd do anything like that to steal the iPhone's thunder-- but it seems odd to keep us hanging, if it's just some particulars about back to school deals or something.


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    I can't find it (maybe because it's already the 16th), but probably it was more specific information about how to apply for the program? Because now it tells you you have to postmark/fax by blahblahblah...
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Yeah, here,, but now it's changed to say that the program ends on Dec. 26.

    So I guess they were making some last minute decisions, although given that they're still saying Sept. for SL's release it seems odd that they'd run the up-to-date program for at least three months after.

    Do they expect to still be selling machines without SL preinstalled for that long?
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