Strange thing happened to me at AT&T store.

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I went to my local AT&T to try to haggle my way out of paying an extra $200 instead of waiting

until March 2010 to upgrade. She said no deal but suggested selling my 16gig iPhone to help pay

for the extra charge of buying at launch. I told her that my co-worker was interested in buying my

iPhone for $100. The AT&T employee offered to buy my iPhone for $175 but then got into a

bidding war with her coworker?!?! Her coworker ended up outbidding here for a final bid of $250. I

said "Deal" & then made a reservation to buy a white 32gig iPhone.

My question for the forum is why the hell would he want to buy my used 16gig 3G iPhone when the

new 16gig 3GS iPhone is going for $199?


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    because like you, he is stuck in a contract and is not eligible for the discounted price. by buying your iphone off you he can have one and keep his existing contract
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    alecralecr Posts: 33member
    I was going to attempt to sell my current 8gb iphone in order to upgrade to the 3gs myself. A lot of people are willing to pay $200-300 for used iphones.

    What's funny is that it happened to you at an ATT store between employees. lol
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    I forgot to mention in my earlier post but I asked the AT&T employee if they had upgraded the

    network in Milwaukee to the 850mhz 3G network. She said no and AT&T has not told anyone when

    they plan to.
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