10.2.4 Finder hangs when...

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This was tested on a PowerMac G4 500 1 gig of RAM, an iMac G3 500 256 megs of RAM, a PowerBook G4 667 512 megs of RAM and a PowerMac G3 400 1 gig of RAM. All running 10.2.4

If I connect to another computer thru "connect to server" and that computer shuts down BEFORE I disconnect from it, my Finder will hang, force relaunching the Finder will not work, letting it sit for a long time will not work only a hard restart works. In OS 9 and OS 10.1 if a server I was connected to shut down I would get a message that the server shut down, and I could continue on my way. With 10.2. 10.2.1, 10.2.2, 10.2.3 and 10.2.4 if the server shuts down before I disconnect, I get a spinning ball and a frozen Finder. The problem even occurs with fresh installs of 10.2 and no other software. I've reported this bug more than five times to Apple since the release of Jaguar.

Please help me verify. Thank you!


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    in my experience it does eventually kick out, but it takes a while. somewhere in the 5-10 min. range.

    i'll test it tongiht.
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    I've seen this problem in 10.2.3 as well, so it's not new to 10.2.4.

    Gracefully handling network delays and outages seems to be a major problem in both OS X and Windows, and in many pieces of application software. I get the impression that not a lot of network torture-testing is done out there in the software development world, and that too much software treats network access no differently than access to a local hard drive.

    I've done some testing of Java network apps on Windows where I yank cables out of my client or server, and get my own code's error detection and recovery working as best as I can, but after a while either Java or Windows gets too messed up or confused and I can't work around the network failures any further.

    I often find myself wanting to say to my computer "Damn it. I know the network is down, that the server isn't there anymore. When are you finally going to give up, time out, and let me use my computer again!?"
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    Ya, this has happened to me lots (in 10.2.3). It's nothing new..
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