Problems Using 3.0 Software (Not Installing)

in iPhone edited January 2014
I'm starting this thread separate from the first 3.0 thread to try and concentrate on problem with the release itself or incompatibilities with existing software!!

Mine is with Apple's own Remote (for iTunes). I filed the following with Apple.


After upgrading to the iPhone 3.0 OS the Apple Remote App (for iTunes control) is no longer reliable. It will connect to my libraries when I'm on my home wireless network but one I try to issue a command (start/pause, volume, etc.) The iPhone is disconnected from the Airport network and falls back to 3G which, of course, is not on my local network. It then takes a very long time for the unit to reconnect to the wireless network unless I go into the preferences and force it to do so.

If I turn off 3G in preference I don't get kicked off but the Wireless Strength as reported in the status bar fluctuates (3 bars to 1 bar) wildly even though I'm not moving around and, if I'm not using the remote app the 3 bars is solid in the status bar.

I have removed and re-installed remote app just in case but there seems to be something else going on.


Anyone else having this problem (or not)?

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