Mac Hard Drive Clone to WD Passport with Super Duper

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a macbook pro (intel based) which has a partitioned internal hard drive. The one partition is used for Mac OSX (leopard) and the other for windows. My aim was to take a back up of my mac hard drive to my external WD My Passport Studio Drive 500GB (800/400 FW & USB 2). So I partitioned the WD external drive in 2 parts (GUID partitioned- Mac Os Extended (Journaled)). One for the clone of my internal mac drive and the other for personal data. So I used superduper for that (with FW 800), following all the instructions, and made a clone of my mac partition to the designated WD passport partition .

After the completion of the process I checked for any failures from the disk utility but nothing seemed to be wrong. So from the Preferences>Startup Disk I chose the WD partition (with the clone) to boot from, and hit restart-> the WD bootable partition won?t appear. Then I tried restart holding down the option key but the WD bootable partition won?t appear again.

1) my first Question therefore is, what went wrong?

2) Another question I have is the following:

I want to format the two partitions of my macbook pro (mac osx & windows) so I?ll have only one partition for mac os x. After I do that I would like to restore the clone from my WD passport (made with SD) to the new freshly formatted mac hard drive.

Are that steps right or do I miss something?
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