Safari (v60) & 10.2.4 crash?

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When I attempted "Empty Cache..." on Safari (v 60) on, instead of getting the "are you sure..." dialog, the entire screen content was shaded and while rectangular window popped up with the message along the lines "reset the computer by holding the power key or reset button ..." in 4 different languages and at the bottom was the MAC address of the ethernet adapter and IP address. The entire system was frozen. Had to use the reset button to restart.

Looked like kernel crash. Haven't been able to reproduce the crash with the same sequence of actions. Anyone seen something like this (the "reset computer using power key ...") before?

system info

iMac G3/400

384 MB RAM

Not many other apps were running at that time - BBEdit, Eudora, Sherlock.


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    dwsdws Posts: 108member
    Congratulations! You just had a kernel panic!! Since they are getting rare, you should relish the experience. It may not come again.

    The problem with trying to figure out why a kernel panic happened is that there are so many things going on in a computer at any one time, it is usually an unusual combination of events that caused the failure. Obviously, there's nothing inherently dangerous in erasing Safari's cache. What I think probably happened is that while Safari was erasing its cached files (which can take quite a long time if it's been a while since you last did it), the system was also trying to manipulate other files - perhaps a background application that seems harmless had been poorly coded and interfered with the system's file manager. This is just an example, of course, but it points out the possibility that the interaction between two applications, that both run perfectly, will - on rare occasions - result in the system getting itself hopelessly lost; resulting in a kernel panic. Regardless of the safeguards placed within an operating system, there will always be odd sequences of events that confuse the system into a stupor.

    Welcome to the brave new world of multitasking!!!

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    Hit the bug report button in Safari and tell Apple about it. What you had was a kernel panic. These are similar to system crashes back in OS 9, except these are harder to get.
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